Course Satisfaction Survey

2017 Student Comments

Well structured lessons. (Sarah)

Excellent course thank you. (Andy)

It's been a worthwhile session that feels like its really given us a whole new dimension in our understanding. (Dave)

Really enjoyed this term - looking forward (nervously) to going over to "the dark side" next term! (Judith)

Look forward to my course every week, nice relaxed fun. (Rick)

Thanks Justin! You’ve allowed me to focus on what’s required at this early stage and set realistic targets for me. (Dave)

Thoroughly enjoyed it. (Dave)

The last course really took my playing to another level. Thanks. (Lea)

Another great course and helped develop my understanding of the blues. I appreciated the format of alternate lead and rhythm weeks - helped provide a little more time for practice. (Garry)

I love my guitar lessons and look forward to them each week. (Joanna)

Another excellent course - each lesson well structured and plenty of advice for follow up practice. (Andy)

Another great term. Very pleased with what I can play a year after starting playing the guitar. Just think what’s possible a year or two from now. Thanks Justin. (Mat)

Justin's guitar teaching methods are excellent. He couples both practical and music theory to a very high standard. With the knowledge he imparts it's likely that any student will develop, not only the tools to be able to play other peoples songs, but potentially write their own. I can’t recommend Justin enough. (Simon)

I really enjoyed the course and look forward to learning more Jazz guitar next term. (Ruth)

Thank you! (Amanda)

Clear, structured approach. (Sarah)

Thoroughly enjoyed this course and it's gentler pace. (Judith)

Thank you Justin, another successful term. (Anon)

Thanks for a great introduction into the world of structure! (Mark)

Thank you for teaching me how to play the guitar. With your help, I was able to scrape a distinction in my grade 4 exam, which I am very pleased with. I look forward to improving my skill. Thank you again for helping me to get there. (Asher)

I found the course useful in: developing additional bending, vibrato and raking techniques; starting to understanding solos in relation to pentatonic shapes, major scales, picking out notes from open chord shapes and introducing non-standard notes e.g. the F in Stairway to Heaven. Breaking down songs into a series of licks also helped with the learning process. The 10 songs chosen covered a range of pentatonic scales (maj/min) in different positions, which was good. (Tim)

Justin great course and explained tricky theory into manageable easy to understand chunks. Definitely feeling pushed but in a good way. (Geoff)

Found this one a challenge not only the playing but also the theory. Got the theory in the end, playing always needs work. Still really enjoying it! (Anon)

Thoroughly enjoyable evening every week (Rick)

Really enjoyed this term's content. I liked a lot of the songs which makes practicing them that much easier. I'm sure my overall playing has moved up a notch and barre chords are starting to feel like a normal thing to include now. (Dave)

I really enjoy the lessons and definitely want to spend more time practicing next term. (Joanna)

I really enjoyed this course and found the topics easy and enjoyed the music choices. I found it a good consolidation of topics we'd learnt before. I liked the use of barre chords as it's always good to have more use of them and I don't shy away from them in my practice or choice of favourites anymore! I'm looking forward to learning some new techniques in the next course. (Ruth)

2016 Student Comments

I really enjoyed this course and felt that my playing is improving. Lessons are always fun! (Ruth)

Really enjoy and look forward to Thursday evenings and enjoy the way you explain all aspects of guitar playing. (Lea)

Many thanks for another interesting and enjoyable course. (Andy)

Looking forward to next term! (Sarah)

A very thoughtfully structured course that explained the techniques, construction and music theory behind classic blues solos. Justin taught using practical tips and note for note transcriptions of artists' work from Clapton to T-Bone Walker, so the chance is there to build repertoire as well as skill. Recommended. (Tim)

Another brilliant term - can't wait to carry on. Thanks. (Sean)

Thanks again for both the thorough enjoyment and fun of the course as well as the satisfaction in making progress in my playing! (Judith)

Nice group and some good fun. (Neville)

Thanks Justin. Another great course. I feel like i am improving when reviewing older exercises. Promise to practice more next term! (Geoff)

Really enjoyed this introduction to Blues and felt the course has certainly helped me improve and broaden my playing. (Tony)

Thank you for a great course. (Amanda)

I've really enjoyed our sessions together and with the group. The pace was perfect to get the basic skills in train...just need to practice more now. Looking forward to next term. (Mat)

I found it fun, informative in a relaxing atmosphere with a great teacher. (Rick)

Another great course, well structured, friendly and interesting. I guess we all hope to master the guitar in just a few lessons but realise that’s just not possible. What I do notice, is the more you progress, the earlier stuff becomes a bit easier. Have a great summer and look forward to seeing you in September. (Geoff)

The course really helped me develop a deeper understanding of jazz chord structures and some basic theory. Hopefully, I can apply some of this beyond jazz too. (Tim)

[We] were reflecting the other evening how much enjoyment and pleasure we have had since we joined your class and how much we have gained from your method and overall approach to teaching. Very many thanks and I look forward to the next course. (Judith)

I have really enjoyed this course with the current guys and would like to keep us together. (Neville)

Really enjoyed this term and it's opened up a whole new set of future possibilities through the various barre chords covered so far. (Dave)

This course made me confident I can learn guitar! (Patrick)

Very gentle introduction to the potentially mind boggling world of jazz. Very clear and simple to understand. (Fidel)

Many thanks for another excellent course. I enjoyed the structure and build up of knowledge each week. The course notes and practice advice were very helpful and constructive. (Andy)

Very enjoyable. (Anon)

I love coming to my guitar lesson each week and learning something new. I did find this course quite a lot more challenging than previous courses but that's a good reason to practice the songs I enjoy and improve on them. (Joanna)

Really clear and relaxed teaching. (Lea)

Really enjoyed this session and it feels like its developed my dexterity a lot. Thanks. (Dave)

As always, a very well put together comprehensive course giving great insights into guitar playing. (Tony)

2015 Student Comments

Keep the good work up Justin! (Chris)

Justin, I love it !!! I know I am rubbish, can't count but getting there and thoroughly enjoying lessons! (Geoff)

I do really enjoy the lessons and look forward to them each week. (Joanna)

Thanks for an brilliant course with good songs to illustrate techniques - and lots of new chords and many other things to take away for practice. I really enjoyed the friendly learning atmosphere and excellent teaching. (Andy)

Thanks Justin for an enjoyable term. Having never done any music before you have taught in a way that does not show up the laggards like myself. Before attending I thought that there was a 50:50 chance of not surviving a term. I have surprisingly also enjoyed the music theory which has been taught in a manner that even I was able to understand. (Steven)

Thanks Justin for a very interesting term. Funk guitar was something I had never thought about and yet it turned out to be good fun and challenging at the same time - who would have thought! I particularly enjoyed the variety of songs you chose to illustrate the techniques and practice through the term and the new skills I have added to my guitar toolbox. (Fidel)

I really enjoyed the group lessons and loved the non rigid approach to learning. (Anon)

Thanks for a most enjoyable three years or so! Your sessions have been like a breath of fresh air and despite never making enough practice time, my playing has improved such that even my wife now recognises some of the tunes. (Martin)

I am immensely indebted to you for everything that you have done for me over the years. I will very much miss our lessons, they have been an integral part of my childhood and in making me who I am today. My most profound thanks. (George)

I love coming to lessons on a Monday evening and really look forward to starting back in September. (Joanna)

Thanks for another excellent course. The Acoustic Rock song lessons were very well structured and gave me much to go away and work on. I am looking forward to the next course. (Anon)

A very well prepared course with a great method of teaching. I feel the course has provided me with the much needed building blocks to move forward in my guitar playing. When I put all the lessons together at the end of the course i can see and hear the improvements i've made as a whole. Thanks Justin, you’re doing a great job. (Chris)

Still enjoying it. (Franc)

Overall I thought there was a good variety of songs and technique this term and I liked the mix of finger picking and plectrum based playing. (Tim)

I enjoy your very structured approach, its suits my way of learning. (Sarah)

I really enjoyed the tuition, the content and the pace of the course. (Geoff)

I have enjoyed the lessons very much and thank you for your patience, guidance and good humour. (Martin)

Justin is superb. I have and will continue to recommend him to people who want to learn
the guitar. His standard of teaching is first-class; he always takes time to go over things until you fully understand them, he has analogies for everything to help you learn, and he makes you feel completely at home. (Sophie)

Really enjoyed this term’s course and looking forward to the next one. (John)

Course books are really well planned and useful, I often enjoy going back over previous books and realising that I really have made some good progress. (Tony)

An excellent course and very enjoyable - thank you. (Anon)

I just want to say thank you for all your help and support over the last 6-7 years. You have been such a great teacher and have been very patient. You have allowed me to do well in all my exams so far and I wouldn’t have been able to do so well if it wasn’t for you. Thank you again for all your help. (Holly)

It was well organised / put together and having all the notes in a booklet was really helpful. (Dave)

Thank you for another excellent course. I really liked the structure that each lesson took - building the song throughout the lesson, and then plenty to take away for practice. A good friendly environment as always - many thanks. (Andy)

Thanks for another great course, Justin. (Fiona)

I have really enjoyed Justin's teaching and learnt so much more than looking at a book or internet. I am pleased with the progress but appreciate there is still a long way to go. Thank you. (Geoff)

Great course, I really enjoyed the whole of this course. (Phil)

Group courses remain a consistent way of advancing. The techniques for learning strumming patterns and the exercises for practicing chord changes remain extremely valuable. I'm also really happy with learning the theory, particularly on chords and music composition as it's bleeding in to playing a bit of piano and thinking about writing my own music. (Simon)

Really enjoyed this term and finally think I am getting a bit better. (John)

Good follow on from the blues course. I liked the focus on classic riffs and solos. (Tim)

Thought the tips about doing 15mins intense practice and the work on improving timing/rhythm were really helpful in improving my playing. (Peter)

I have really enjoyed this course. And I feel I have really improved in my playing with the chords more cleanly and between one another. Also that I am more confident and better at playing the new rhythm for the newer songs we have been learning recently - so thank you. (Joanna)

Course has improved my appreciation of how melody is built around chords, and improved both my hands' agility. (Tim)

Thank you for your awesome tuition of [son] over the last 3 years. He has come on leaps and bounds. Your content and style are both very helpful. (Julia)

I really enjoyed every single week. Have been taking classes for some time now and I'm not even remotely bored yet. I am very keen to keep going and going. (Franc)

I really enjoyed this last course and feel that I got a lot more out of it possibly as I've gained confidence in my playing and my playing has improved (my opinion!). (Ruth)

Thanks for teaching me, it’s been really great and I have learned a lot. (David)

2014 Student Comments

Thank you for another enjoyable and challenging course. There was plenty to take away and work on for each song, and the structure of the lessons was excellent as usual. (Andy)

Enjoyed it and I do feel it's helping enormously. Many thanks. (Dave)

Lessons I've found to be enjoyable and fun! Thanks (Ruth)

I loved learning all the aspects of the course and look forward to enrolling on the next course. Thank you. (Joanna)

Once again, a great mix of theory and practical. Perfect for people who just want to pick up a guitar and play. Good mix of genres and styles. (David)

Enjoying it! (Chris)

Another big thanks Justin. Feel like I've made some progress this term. (Garry)

Thank you Justin for teaching me how to play the guitar in just 12 weeks. I really did not think I would be at the stage I am now and it just shows how proper tuition works! (Rosalyn)

Super course, I am making progress and guitar playing is becoming even more enjoyable. (Tony)

Thanks for another great course! (Fiona)

A very enjoyable course to do and both challenging and rewarding. (Joanna)

Really enjoyed it and looked forward to the weekly session. (Mark)

Great course this term with some very nice people. Justin is an exceptional teacher, patient and knowledgeable. I was very sad it ended. (Simon)

Enjoyed the classes and liked the ordered incremental approach to the material. (Dave)

Really good course, enjoyed every session. (Phil)

Had a great time, just wish I could fit more practice in during the week, but I am determined to keep trying and will practice during the summer! Thank you. (Fiona)

The lessons are easy going with no pressure and Justin is a great teacher. Really enjoying the courses! (Franc)

Really enjoyed foundations one and two and look forward to foundation three. Teaching skills have been exceptional and would happily recommend to others. (Chris)

I thought the introduction to power chords was very good and not something I have seen explained as well elsewhere. (Tim)

Nice group to learn with & I like the approach. (Dave)

Really looking forward to the Foundation+ course. (Phil)

Well structured lessons enabling everyone to progress, many thanks!! (Tony)

Excellent course just what I needed to get me on the road to playing the guitar. Personally I need to put in more practice to get more out of the course but looking forward to the next stage. (Mark)

Thank you very much for another informative and enjoyable course. Again, the lessons were well structured with lots to learn and good advice for future development. (Andy)

Thoroughly enjoyable and insightful. Thank you. (Jez)

Very good all round tuition. (Lawrence)

Good course, nice music, great teacher! (Anon)

Another very good course. Will definitely do another course. (John)

I have really enjoyed the group format and I think the teaching is excellent. It has definitely given me the motivation and confidence to continue. (Sean)

2013 Student Comments

The quality of instruction is outstanding! (Steve)

Justin is a talented teacher with real enthusiasm and interesting insights to the music itself. (John)

Many thanks for another well structured (for theory and practice), and enjoyable course. (Andy)

Really enjoyed all the sessions. Really good fun and nice way to be taught. (Anon)

Very happy. I wanted a structured set of lessons that built on each other and that's exactly what we got. Also the group size was really good - just enough to be a group and not too many that the level of individual attention suffered. (Dave)

Excellent courses very thoughtfully presented enabling students to actually make real progress! (Tony)

It's been good fun, and I think I've made decent progress. (Chris)

Justin has a very relaxed but yet 'demanding' teaching style that I found easy to fit in with. (Paul)

Many thanks for the course, I really enjoyed the structure and content of each lesson. I came away each week feeling that I'd learnt a lot, and had plenty to work on before the next lesson. Looking forward to the next course. (Andy)

Even if I sat down and looked at that evening's lesson and thought, hey I can play this already, you always pulled out an aspect that I was deficient in. Really like the discipline of coming along every Tuesday, keeps a "heartbeat" and variation in my practice and playing. Well done on a great term, and thank you. (Tim)

Thank you Justin; you’re a true pro... have a great summer! (Peter)

This course was intelligently structured allowing varying levels of proficiency to be accommodated within the same group. The instruction was patient, humorous and professional and I feel I have learned techniques as well as just rote learning songs! I personally can't wait for the courses to start again in the autumn. It's a pity guitar teachers have to have holidays like the rest of us!! (Ben)

Good fun and learnt how to make music. Splendid! (Patricia)

Great intro to the guitar and really feel like I have made progress. Thank you for a great term. (Phil)

Enjoy the sessions and the company they keep me going. (Anon)

I think the format is good in that I can take each song as far as I am able. (Martin)

The course has been taught at a good pace for me as a beginner. I just wish I'd picked up a guitar many years ago!! (Ruth)

I was really looking forward to the course but it exceeded expectations. It was quite an eye opener into how to play the guitar properly. Justin is both a talented player and teacher. I didn't think anything was beyond me if I followed his lead and practised. Definitely want to sign up for next term. (John)

The quality of teaching was extremely high. (Steve)

Rock on, Justin! (Gareth)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course, and I feel I have come a long way even though I find it difficult to practice often during the week. My goal for the summer is to find more time to practice and perhaps get another guitar for the office so I can practice away from home. The teacher has been great, very experienced and also good fun, my co-students are all lovely and it is now a firm favourite part of my week. Thank you! (Fiona)

2012 Student Comments

I find that I have to learn in a class environment to give me the push to practice. It also helps to see the progress of the other pupils. (Ruth)

As always it has been a pleasure. You are an exceptional teacher and I've learnt lots and enjoyed myself, always some good banter. (Simon)

Thanks Justin.... great teaching and humour. (Peter)

Excellent and thanks. (Peter)

I think you’re a very good teacher. (Candice)

I've thoroughly enjoyed the course thus far, the learning pace is just about right for my ability/practice time available. Prior to learning with Fusion, I had spent a couple of years on my own messing about with guitars and getting nowhere, the thoughtful presentations and skills and techniques imparted during these lessons have allowed me to make significant progress and more importantly to really enjoy playing, many thanks Justin! (Tony)

Amazed at the thought that went into the song selection. So clever to find a selection of songs that covered so many aspects of what you wanted to teach us. (Brian)

Justin’s style is great - was worried it’d be very intense and critical, but it has been the exact opposite. Each class is adaptable, easy going with the right mix of group activities & a bit of 1-2-1. All done in a positive, encouraging environment. I have learnt, met some nice folk, had fun, eaten cookies & improved my guitar playing - wish I had signed up ages ago! (Derek)

Thanks a million for everything this term. (Simon)

Fusion is certainly somewhere I'd come back to! (Katie)

Justin is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. I'd like to learn more from him. (James)

Fusion has spent a lot of time and thought in putting the course together and I would recommend it to anyone. The tuition period always go over time and is good value. The teaching is clear, informative and enjoyable. (Anon)

A great course. Lots of things taught for me to be practising with. (Sam)

Another brilliant course thank you. I feel like my progress can be quicker, if I stretch myself or slower if I need to take my time over something. It makes for comfortable, doable learning that is not overwhelming and I definitely feel like I am getting somewhere! (Jen)

Good course at the right pace for me. I enjoy going away from the lesson with new techniques to practice. (Dean)

Again a big thanks. (Garry)

I look forward to the classes and I am sure my fellow students feel the same. A result of the warm friendly atmosphere and well constructed lessons delivered in a comprehensible manner. (Stuart)

Thanks for another fun course! (Dave)

I am all round happy with the course! Great teaching environment and awesome atmosphere in our group. (Ray)

Really enjoyed the lesson today! (Sarah)

Many thanks.  I think you're doing a great job.  Very relieved to have you teaching him. (Julia - mum)

Really enjoyed yesterday evening's class. A good level of content and about the right pace for me. (Graham)

Good overall tuition with steady progress and flexible timetable in relaxed atmosphere. (Dean)

After ten years of trying, unsuccessfully, to teach myself how to play the guitar from books I am now playing songs and feeling much more confident about practising on my own. I can't wait for the next course to start to take me from Guitar zero to Guitar hero! (Jennifer)

I enjoyed the course and felt you instructed well. I would definitely recommend you and your enthusiasm definitely makes the lessons enjoyable. (Mark)

2011 Student Comments

I thought the pace was just right, allowing time to master each new skill whilst always progressing. (Anon)

Lessons are a good mix of theory and practice with the right amount of attention paid to each student and the group as a whole. (Tom)

I really enjoyed the course. It was a comfortable environment, and enjoyable both as a lesson and as a social activity. I'll definitely be enrolling next semester and probably the one after that! (Stephen)

I found you to be a great teacher and made sure that we got what we were learning in concrete before moving on, you didn't rush us. Therefore, I feel more confident about the topics you taught us. I liked the structure of the course and the location was convenient, with plenty of free parking. (Claire)

The course gave me a lot of understanding of how it all works. (Anon)

Justin - thanks very much. I enjoyed the course very much and got a lot out of it. (John)